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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  March 10, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we want to start off with breaking news this morning. actor corey haines has died at the age of 38. the l.a. police department has just confirmed along with other multiple news outlets. >> haines died of an apparent accidental drug overdose. his mother was at the home at the time. the actor died at the hospital. a teen heartthrob from the 1980s. appeared in several movies, alongside corey feldman and recently appeared in a reality show called the two coreys. we have a lot ahead of us
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this morning. carbs? good or bad, right? we'll see the good carbs. >> always there to help. has great tips to keep us healthy. it is ms awareness week. we want you to start thinking about multiple sclerosis. jamie and i have been sporting orange all week long. we want to tell you about the ms walk coming up in april. a guess here today is enthusiastic about ms awareness. we'll put you back to work here today. i have somebody in here, his name is rod. he says he's hiring. we'll tell you the industry he's hiring and looking to hire a lot of people. just by you watching, you can get a job later this afternoon. the health career fair, they're going to school right now. they're in line to get into the career of health. we're going to talk to them about what set them on this way. >> you always hear how hard it is to get a job right now.
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jody daniels, she always has awesome career advice. she's in our studio. she'll let us know what you need to do. coming up: let's look at our hot topic today. we heard of soccer moms, right? but what do you call colleen la o'roes -- larose. . >> reporter: according to authorities, this is the new face of international terrorism. blonde and blue-eyed colleen larose of pennsylvania. . >> i think we're now seeing the successful recruitment in the united states of non-muslim people to get involved in jihad. >> reporter: the 46-year-old
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larose was born in santa angelo texas. she moved to pennsylvania. she and five other individuals scattered across the globe are alleged to be using the internet to commit jihadist. neighbors in suburban pennsylvania suspected nothing. >> wow, amazing, surprising, shocking. >> reporter: the indictment says muz lien militants ordered la rose to kill a man. authorities blifb she was valued for her ability to blend in among europeans. >> they can't all look like middle eastern people. so they put a lot of time and energy, particularly into the internet of recruiting people. >> as part of the same investigation, seven muslim immigrants were arrested in ireland this week, also charged
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with trying to kill a cartoonist. t.j. winnick, abc news washington. >> we want your two cents on the arrest of the common terrorist profile. with the arrest of jihad jane, does this make racial profiling a necessary tactic to fighting terrorism. if you want to share your two cents, go to our abc2 news fan page or on facebook. you'll find the story there. we'll share some of your comments coming up in the next couple minutes here on good morning america at 9:00. wal-mart is under fire for apparently selling a black barbie doll for nearly half the same price as the barbie that was white. the barbie doll is being sold at a reduced rate at one wal-mart store, possibly more. the retail chain wouldn't verify which stores, but it's part of a way to clear shelf space and
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make room for more inventory, but we want to know what you think about this. we want to know what you think of wal-mart's decision to lower the price of black barbie. we'll read your comments on the air. trish writes in: it's wal-mart, is anyone surprised? carolyn says: if an item isn't selling, it's put on sale. give us your two cents. head to or go to our facebook page and become a fan. we had a great string of weather yesterday. temperatures hit 64 degrees, bwi. official high temperature for the region. first time we hit that mark since december 3rd. it's been three months since we had temperatures into the 60s.
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fifth of december brought us snow. this'll be a different story. a storm knocking on our doors. clouds in parkville this morning. few occasional bright spots. may yield a little sunshine through lunch time or early this afternoon. still shrouded in the clouds. veterans elementary, full parking lot. you can see the cars lined up to drop the kids off. perhaps some get recess outside. not a bad day to do so. not as nice as yesterday when we had the full sunshine. bringing in more humidity. you'll notice the back edge of the cloud deck back here. eroding away. that's a sign that once we get this boundary pushing through, we shift the winds, could get breaks of sun during the course of the afternoon. that would help to assist in bringing temperatures back to near 60. southeasterly wind, will be responsible for keeping temperatures in the 50s, along the bay. dragging that air across the cooler chesapeake waters.
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55 by lunch time. we get bright spots, maybe some sunny breaks into the skies. temperatures aiming for about 60. clouds thicken back up. again, this is all part of a much larger, and much more complex pattern. really not one storm hitting us. the initial storm itself is spinning across the northern plains. it's responsible for keeping the mild temperatures in play. on the other side of this boundary, heavy rain, huntsville, alabama, toward atlanta, georgia, they're getting 3 to 5 inches of rainfall today. tropical feed, indirectly connected to that storm, will be riding its way up the appalachians and slowly build into our area. we get a taste of some of those big rainfall tallies towards the weekend. once it gets here, it could stick around for a while. waves of clouds coming through. band of moisture tries to hit southern maryland tomorrow morning. overnight and in through friday.
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another wave through saturday as well. will keep us with a chance of pretty heavy rain, 3 to 4 inches across the area by the end of the weekend could lead to flooding. 60, downtown baltimore, back to the north and west. 57 in westminster 58 in parkton. by the water, 56 in annapolis. we'll settle back to 45 with clouds tonight and talk more about the rain and our extended outlook and chance of flooding in just a bit. >> if you're out of work and trying to get back in the game, how old you are could determine your strategy. >> older adults should map out a plan. a new exercise could save thousands of lives. we're fighting multiple sclerosis. a day in the life of a cop. we'll take you behind the lines in the battle against crime. ♪
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let's get back to your two cents. we're dealing with so-called jihad jane. colleen larose used the internet to recruit jihadist fighters and help terrorists overseas. she lived between redding and allentown. here's what we're getting so far. brad is uh, from owings mills. he writes: absolutely not. i believe the authorities need
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to look at everyone equally. what has happened to our justice system in this country? that's brad from owings mills. if you want to join brad with your two cents on this topic, log onto our wmar, abc2 fan page on facebook. you'll be on the air in a couple minutes. megan? 12 minutes after 9:00 right now. you're going to notice something about our next guest. his hair's a little orange. it's orange all right. all in celebration of ms awareness week. jim breakwall. he's been fund-raising for years. thanks for coming in. you look great. >> you can join me? >> for me, hair extensions? all right i'm going open this up and throw it on my head. you tell us about your hair. what made you do it? >> it's ms awareness week. i wanted everyone to be aware of multiple sclerosis and uh, yesterday i had jury duty, i walked down to the inner harbor
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for lunch and you know, it's a jump off point for people to look at your hair and-- >> ask you what it's all about. >> they can't say they're not aware of ms awareness week. >> it's a great way to do it. why do you walk? why do you do it? >> i have a very close friend who has had ms for 21 years and watching the way that she, you know, never gives in, never complains about pain and uh, you know, when she was first diagnosed, there were no known treatments, now they have six treatment drugs, treatment medications that slow the progression. i can see the money i'm raising is going to help people. the ms society helps people, help people maintain their
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independence. >> that's one thing we never think about. we always hear about the medications, but things that allow people with ms to do their day-to-day functions. >> right. my very close friends has two systems in her house she wouldn't have had if the ms society didn't help her out. >> you do the challenge walk. you get callouses on your feet, but tell us what that's about. >> the challenge walk is to challenge you not only physically but uh, in, to try and raise, you know, more money than your average walk. uh... which, you know, most walks now are three to five miles. uh... the challenge walk, we walk 20 miles the first day and ten miles the second day. used to be a 50-mile walk, but they cut it down, to 30. >> you've gotta feel great about
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what you're doing. >> when i see the results. >> yeah. >> uh... you know, because of the funds that are raised, there's more research going into it, there are two, all the treatment drugs right now are injectable drugs. somebody has to give themselves a shot or every day, every other day, once a week, to treatments that are under final fda review for uh, for pills which would free people from having to have another needle. >> let's get all the information up there for those of you at home. by the way, orange street, thank you very much. now we look like twins. like it? >> i like it. i handed it out to many people at work and uh, they've joined in the spirit. i even had one co-worker who joined me at at mall. >> you going to keep the hair
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color? >> monday it'll be more natural. it's a little loud. >> i like it, it's for a great cause. way to go, i think it looks good. >> okay. >> if you want more information about ms awareness week or the walk, go to >> you have two stars right here. this week is health care career fair week. we're talking about how college students are getting prepared for the real world. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> medical lab tech. >> you're on your way. why that? >> i started out with nursing. with the classes you have to take and everything, we had to do labs, i like that part better. got to do dissections. >> you like that, huh? >> had to be something that i can use all the time. i researched it and i found out medical laboratory technology. >> found your passion. >> i found it.
9:17 am
>> currently i'm in nursing school. i looked at nursing as a great option to ascertain, becoming a doctor. as an older student, non-traditional, i'm above the age of 25, returning to school, i had to really plan out my father, as far as how to go to med school. >> i'm very proud, you know it? what made you go back? >> the economic downturn and i saw health care as an excellent opportunity to have employment. >> did somebody tap you on the shoulder and say go to health care? or figure it out on your own? >> i figured it out on my own. >> got a job lined up yet? >> yes i do. >> you? >> not yet. watching see who will pick you
9:18 am
up. >> lisa's wanting to be a nurse and finds another passion. that's what education is all about. >> what would you advise other people who are watching right now? they have to keep the blinders off and take a look at the whole world right now. >> well, i would say that, health care, it's a broad spectrum, sure. >> so like, with me, i started out with nursing and i ended up in medical laboratory technology. you can just find your passion, find something that you're interested in and research the field because that's what i did. i researched. i went online. i looked in books and researched and tried to find out about this particular field. you know that, i like them, you go into it and work off it. >> lisa, reginald, what kind of doctor do you want to be? >> just a family practitioner.
9:19 am
>> i'm so proud of you. if you want to be like lisa and reginald, this is the health care, this is why not a career in health care. coming up on saturday from 10:00 to 3:00 at security square mall. ccbc. here's the number to call. 443-840-1189. . >> thank you very much. good luck. dr. reginald, pretty soon. >> i like that. thanks guys. still ahead. crime on the streets from an officer's point of view. we have images of people on the front lines of street wars. ♪
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throughout the show, we get your opinion. one of the questions we asked you for your two cents. the hot topic this morning: wal-mart raising eyebrows by selling black barbies at nearly half the price than the white barbies. we're getting responses talking about the economics of the decision. one of the responses is from joanne. she writes: i believe it's just business. anyone trying to make a racial issue out of it is wrong.
9:23 am
if you want to share your two cents on this hot topic, go to wmarabc2 fan page on facebook. you can find this story and a place to comment. now to an interesting point of view. several cities have put the state of technology into action, capturing some of the most dramatic moments, like what you see behind me. police and suspects in very tough situations. abc's pierre thomas has one of those cities. cincinnati. >> now standing at the shoes of a cincinnati police officer, seeing what he sees as a dangerous encounter unfolds. tiny camera mounted on a headset worn by the officer. a computer on the device captures everything that happened. the female police officer with a taser was in hot pursuit of a
9:24 am
suspect was accused of terrorizing a store. she describes the suspect as she calls for back-up. >> blue jeans, white gym shoes. >> reporter: the officer tries to up due the suspect with a taser. it doesn't work. the officer draws her gun. back-up arrives. >> at the moment the suspect starts to run, what's going through the officer's mind? >> she's assessing the situation. she's looking at her opponent. >> now she tases him and it doesn't work. >> we have a problem. >> he's gotten control of the taser. that's a critical point. if he turns the taser on her, she can become incapacitated. >> basic training. first of all, keep control of the situation. maintain your safe distance.
9:25 am
do not get into a kill zone. virtually the suspect's attention, the other officer is able to come in, make a move and take the suspect to the ground. >> this could end up being more bloody than it ended up being, right? >> authorities say the new system records hard evidence. >> it's the next giant step for law enforcement in america. >> not all police love the new system. some consider it invasive. a sign they are not trusted. >> it's like big brother's watching over you. you swore to tell the truth, that was how it worked. >> authorities believe this technology is probably coming to a police force near you. >> will be interesting to see it happen here. these days, many older workers are trying to find their way back into the workforce. >> your age determines your
9:26 am
strategy. jody daniels is here. she's going to explain how to devise a plan. >> one of the biggest names in the state looking to add you to the workforce. where you can land a job in this tough economy.
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time to get you back to work this morning. one local business trying to help you out. joe banks, they say they're going to refund the price of a suit or suit separate if you lose your job. the maximum rebate is $199. so you're probably wondering what's the catch? you have to get the suit during a sale that started monday and continues through march 28th. you take advantage of the deal. you have to prove you lost your job and have to keep your receipt. some things to keep in mind if you end up in that boat. we have our employment guru, jody daniels here to give us advice. thanks for coming in. >> what's an older job seeker? >> i was once told anybody that's ten years older than you
9:30 am
are, but legally it's defined between the ages of 40 and whatever. but in some industries, older can be in the 30s because it is such a young person, such an actively changing, um, industry. so sometimes it depends on the industry that you're in as to what's older. >> that's so hard to hear. >> i'm sorry. >> you gave us the top ten picks. let's go through them. number one, what's the first thing we need to do? >> focus on your experience. you are older and you have a lot of experience. and so, you want to own it, take pride in it, but with a caveat. don't go back to your first job. nobody needs to hear about what happened before there were computers. so you want to go back ten or fifteen years and summarize globally whatever you did before that. >> you say number two, keep your skill current. >> don't look down your nose at
9:31 am
twitter and facebook and all this new technology. take some classes, get your skills up to speed. know what facebook is, know what twitter is. be aware of how it's utilized and branding and making more organizations visible on the internet. >> social media is something you can get up to speed in with one or two sessions with somebody who knows about it. >> okay, you say seek out firms that embrace older workers. >> some already have evidence of the value that older workers bring to the workforce. >> this seems to be the one that it doesn't matter what age you are, network. >> it's really important that not only do you get to know other people, but they know about you. you want to be out there, join organizations, join professional organizations. meet people in your neighborhood. let people know who you are,
9:32 am
what you do, work on things with people, on committees. the more they focus on your skills, and less on your age. >> look at organizations that are different than the ones you've been applying to. if you hear that like, if you hear that people are applying for jobs in health care and you don't work in health care, try submitting your resume and applying for jobs in health care. try and look at all the different industries that are available, not just the ones you have experience in. >> a lot of organizations are looking for people that maybe don't need health care. if you already have benefits through a spouse or partner, tell them that. if you have a pension and don't need to worry about retirement, tell them that. if you can travel because you don't have kids or family to worry about. let them know. some of those needs are the kinds employers are looking for. >> you also said, be flexible. >> if they offer you a part-time job, take it. if we say we only have saturdays
9:33 am
and sundays available. once you get your feet in the door you don't know what opportunities present a lot of mid career are thinking "i have all these skills, but i'd like to do something different." they're going back. hospitality, health care, high-tech. things with hobbies, how to produce income, jewelry, crafts. it's not necessarily a bad time to think about shifting your career and making a change completely. >> really quickly, there are websites for workers. aarp, senior job bank, quintessential careers, and other things catered to older workers. >> don't get discouraged. >> do things that replenish your soul. get your energy. don't be so hard on yourself.
9:34 am
>> go >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. rod flowers, how are you? your hiring. . >> yes we are. >> you've been hiring. what are you looking for? >> we're looking for top talent and we have a number of positions in our retail locations. tellers, financial service consultants, we have a number of positions in our corporate office and lithicum lending department and risk management. >> a lot of applicants? a lot of people getting online trying to get jobs? >> we've had a number of applicants. we had an open house yesterday. we have a number of job fairs and um-- >> what are you finding out there? >> a number of people looking for work. we have a number of openings. we just opened a new branch last
9:35 am
month in belair. we have uh, last year we opened up two branches in timonium and annapolis town center. we're looking to open another branch next in column a -- year in columbia. >> looking for tellers, front office personnel. what do we do? get online, fill out the application. >> go to our website and from there, it will list all our openings, indicate where we'll be in the community. they can apply a line. meet with one of our recruiters and we run them through the process. >> what do you see as far as wages? across the board i take it, right? >> across the board, it depends on their experience and the position that they're bringing in. we're very competitive with the market in terms of more total rewards packages. both compensation as well as benefits and time off. >> all right, so, if i get
9:36 am
online today and get to meet with you -- on the fast track, what would best case scenario be? >> probably 2 to 3 weeks. worst case scenario, probably 45 to 60 days. getting time to do background checks and schedule interviews. >> thanks for coming in. shout it out. the phones are ringing upstairs already. give us the website again for people getting online. >> >> he's hiring, megan. a controversial decision: wal-mart decides to lower the price of black barbies while keeping the price of white barbies the same. also ahead this morning: the simple joys in life that make kids happy. how one father's gift to his daughter keeps on giving.
9:37 am
>> we're going to get other stuff in that giving process. got clouds today. we're going to get rain and that rain, right now, very light. north of the reservoir. up towards near hanover. york county pennsylvania. we have an easterly wind. helps to feed in the moisture. a lot of rain could produce flooding this weekend. stick around. we have much more of good morning maryland when we come back.
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welcome back to good morning maryland at 9:00. time now for our featured event. we let everybody know what you want us to let them tell you. >> towson wants a 4th of july parade, but they have to find a way to pay for it. at the american legion hall, a meal from 2:00 to 6:00. it'll be delicious. beer, wine, soda. tickets are $40. if you want tickets, call mary ann or judy. help support the towson 4th of july parade. >> oughta get megan to be the grand martial next year for the 4th of july parade. readers italian ice holds her 18th annual first day of spring italian ice give-a-way on saturday at noon.
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receive one free regular-sized italian ice. this new product called peoples. readers italian ice. i don't know what that is. >> listen, if something's happening in your community and you want us to know about it, send us an e-mail. the address is on your screen. when it comes to dieting. you hear people say "i can't have carbs." there are good and bad ones. we're going to find out the difference. the truth will come out when we come back. stay with us: we're going to tell you about a family that has an incredible story. a father shows his daughter the simple joys in life. ♪
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here's crystal register with our weekly segment good being fit and healthy. carbs that we all take in. >> everybody's talking in carbs and carbohydrate. people always have. here we have a teaching table. carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for our bodies.
9:45 am
we need carbohydrates. when you say bad carbs, the soda, the candy, the cookies, brownies. those are the things we can enjoy in very small amounts. >> had i known-- >> small amounts. if you're really looking to lower your carbohydrates overall, look for those sources first. where can i limit those things? where are the carbohydrates in our grocery cart? grains, anything from breads to cereal, rice, pasta, okay? fruit is 100% carbohydrate. starchy vegetables, potato, corn, peas, and milk and yogurt. if we look at a piece of bread, small apple, glass of milk. each has about the same amount of carbohydrate per serving. we're trying to have a few servings of carbohydrates with each meal and maybe a couple
9:46 am
snacks in between. stable fuel source. stable energy. better mood. we'd probably all about in a better place. each serving of milk has the same carbohydrates. >> potatoes get a bad wrap, but a nice source of carbohydrate to put on the plate. a lot of people see a family member dealing with diabetes. um... today is national register dietician day. shout out again. really on questioning, people looking for a good source of information, we send out a diabetes meal of the week. today the recipe online is chicken parmesan. it hasn't been breaded, it's pan
9:47 am
seared. instead of adding that extra carbohydrate source of the bread crumbs, sauce and cheese is fantastic. >> they liked it? >> adding whole wheat pasta, the whole grains and fruit, you know, and i agree with you, it takes baby steps with this one. if you can at least mix, half the whole grain, half the regular. a lot of people see this meal with a plate of pasta. they think "i can't have that." it's carbohydrates. or they think "i shouldn't have had that." it's one where you include a carbohydrate source. comes to about 500 calories a serving. chicken, pasta, sauce, cheese, broccoli. less than 30 grams of carbohydrate. a lower carbohydrate meal for all of us. stable energy through the day,
9:48 am
healthier, better life. >> thank you, crystal. chicken parmesan with broccoli. get today's recipe and see it on good morning maryland website we'll be right back stay with us. one thing we want you to remember, go to our website or our fan book page. we're getting your two cents on hot topics today. with the story of jihad jane, we asked if this case changes your opinion. this is what we heard back. emanuel says profiling is a perfect tool. we are people afraid to call a spade a spade. jessie writes: everyone should be looked at equally. there's no justice system in this country. we have a lot of comments about wal-mart's decision to half price black barbies. shelly writes: i think it's fine. if it's not a hot item, why not
9:49 am
lower the price to make it attractive to purchase? you can continue to comment on action 2 on both of these hot topics this morning, all you have to do is log onto all right, one of the pure pleasures of childhood is having fun at an amusement park. >> abc2 news john burman shows us an idea about one american girl's heart. >> a boy's first ride on a carousel. a grown woman's first time on a swing. a pure adventure in the water. >> simple joys and for so many were out of reach until now.
9:50 am
>> gordan hartman is a real estate developer in san antonio. morgan is his 16-year-old daughter with severe cognitive delay. gordan says it was a moment in a pool a few years ago that put life in perspective. >> there were other children at the other end of the pool throwing a ball back and forth. i could tell morgan wanted to play with them. >> she couldn't. gordan decided to make a place where couldn't, shouldn't, can't were not part of the vocabulary. he raised $40 million to build morgan's wonderland. the design with more than 25 attractions based on morgan's needs and conversations with thousands of families around the country. a fiesta of light, touch and sounds. wheelchairs and universal access.
9:51 am
>> without that limitation, it's overwhelming. >> these kids come up to me and hug me and say thank you. they don't even have to say thank you, you can see it in their eyes. >> another beautiful day. when will this lovely weather come to an end? >> hopefully never, but it's probably going to happen soon. justin has the good and bad news. his 7-day forecast when we come back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury grands! biscuits,
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so warm and fluffy. make the most out of the most important meal of the day. ♪ made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur.
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9:54. the morning is pushing on through here. we've got ourselves a lot of clouds, which makes this not as pleasant as the last couple days. we're pushing into warmer temperatures. normal high is 51, 52.
9:55 am
we're close to that before 10:00 in the morning without the sunshine. imagine if we get a little sun today, what that could do for us. winds out of the southeast, helping to push in moisture. it's going to feel a little more moist. call it humid this time of year. you should definitely feel the air. 48 degrees right now, we take you to a different shot. in anne arundel county, homestead gardens. the gardens and everything start to be blooming. we run into the end of the month and early part of april. we're looking for cherry blossoms around the region, snowpack may hold that back this year. we are starting to think about our backyard gardens and cleaning up the debris leftover from the winter season. no snow to be found in this forecast. up towards york county pennsylvania. a little hole in the cloud deck back here into the mountains. possibility we get bright spots or maybe a full break of the sun for a half hour or an hour or two. if you're in a lucky spot this
9:56 am
afternoon. essentially though, we're part of a much larger pattern pumping in more moisture. this little band of rain down here, this slow-mover. once it finally gets in here. it'll take time to get out of here. our forecast model indicating the fact that cloud cover dominates. not much in the way of moisture today. showers push their way through the region. especially south of the bay bridge and eastern shore, come daybreak tomorrow. there'll be another wave of rain coming in late tomorrow, tomorrow night through friday morning. this'll be heavier rain. more as we head through friday and saturday itself. here we go. 60 today. give or take a few. that's our two-degree guarantee. mostly cloudy skies. could be a few breaks of sun to help boost you back. if you look by the bay, chillier waters of the chesapeake will hold you down into the 50s. mostly cloudy overnight. we're checking out our forecast for tomorrow. brings in a chance of showers. maybe late day rain towards evening. 58. here's the deal.
9:57 am
forecast models indicating we could get 3 to 4 inches of rain for this whole system by the end of the weekend. that could lead to flooding despite temperatures near 60 on friday and saturday. >> all right. >> let's take a look at today's top five. these are the academy award people who never won an oscar. top five people. >> here we go. albert finny. >> sam rockwell. >> edward norton. that's a surprise. east coast actor for 1998, american history x. >> tom cruise. >> never. >> no couch jumping for this one. number one, johnny depp. next five years will win an oscar. >> he's done everything. >> and he's so good and so cute. >> well, de niro will win won for lombardi, that's coming out. >> you're very excited. that was the news of the day for jamie. >> have a great day.
9:58 am
we'll see you.
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